An idea

Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
i had this idea about when you get to El Dorado. You are welcomed by a young boy who decides to show you around. You take some gold and that if okay with him. You tell him about your parents graves and he gladly shows you the graveyard. Before he shows you the graves, he remembers that he hasn't mentioned his name. He says his name is Rico. He shows you his parents' graves and you realize it's your parents' graves. It turns out Rico is your brother. Maybe you could have this thing happen where Rico's last name is also your last name. So like, with me Rico Drighton. Then you feel he's your responsibility, so you let him join your crew. So, what do you think?

Esperenza Drighton

Apr 14, 2012
This would be similar to ("nagini45" AMAZING IDEA FOR ANY UPCOMING WORLD) or maybe that idea is similar to yours. At any rate I like them both.

Happy Jose Hawkins
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