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An end to class specific items

Aug 21, 2009
The only thing that making equipment class specific does is take away from character differentiation and customization. Musketeers often moan every time they see accuracy on their class specific items as they often don't want accuracty or something else. Some classes are given valor's armor on multiple items and yet the character class that actually has and learns the card doesn't have such multiple access to its own class card. There are light, medium, and heavy armors in the game and they rather than class should determine who gets to equip what. If buccaneers and privateers suffer in melee combat then the heavy armor could be made tougher, or could reflect damage, or could give auto hit attacks the same chance to miss them as any other attack (this would definitely make the buccaneer much stronger). The point I'm trying to make though is that if class requriements were dropped on equipment then instead of the developers trying to balance the game out through equipment stats and playing cards on those equipment (which can seriously upset the players) they could instead work on strengthening the cards of specific classes and making new ones if those classes are at a lack of balance. My personal complaints against the witchdoctor having 3 valor's shields and 2 superior barrage cards on their equipment would be dropped as the playing field would be even and characters could equip whatever they wanted as long as they can equip that equipment type. I still don't think the best spells of any character type should be placed upon equipment, or if they are then there should be requirements that such and such a preceeding spell is required to use it (if you don't know barrage then you shouldn't probably be able to cast superior barrage even if you have that card on equipment, its like that already in the game so it shouldn't be changed as I am against nerfing what characters already have). I get a lot of swashbuckler items that my musketeer would love to use but isn't allowed, and it makes no sense as my musketeer has learned stabby weapons and can use swashbuckler cards that are on musketeer items. Lets drop the class requirements on items and instead improve their cards and talents to make stuff even and fair.

Sep 08, 2008
What I don't like is, how only Witchdoctor's are able to equip equipment that gives them Critical cards. That should go towards the 3 melee type classes. Or, how Buccaneers tend to get equipment with Hide in the Shadows and Backstab while that should be going towards a Swashbuckler.

You can keep class specific items, and I would prefer it that way. But like Seasnake says, give the equipment with power cards that should be specific to that class to THAT class.

Give the Hide in Shadows and Backstab abilities to the Swashbuckler. Give all the Valor's Armor and Buccaneer specific powers to the Buccaneer. Give all the Shooty Critical cards to the Musketeer. Give the Gunnery cards to the Privateer, and the Mojo burst and blade cards to the Witchdoctor, etc etc etc.

Remember the issue in Wizard101 forums about class distinction? Granted, most players thought nothing of it, only the people playing that certain class had an issue, and rightfully so. Well, I can see that kind of issue popping up right here in Pirate101 forums. Well, it actually already has.

Apr 26, 2010
the whole point of gear that gives spells is to get spells that you don't have. if you're a buccaneer, why would you need a charge? if your privateer, why would you need valor's shield? it's not even that good anyway! class specific gear is a good thing. it should exist, it adds a sort of extra level of class difference. idk how to say it. also, only privateers and buccaneers can equip heavy armor. swash and musketeers can equip light, and i have no idea about witchdoctors. heavy, light, and no armor isn't what makes a difference, class specific items just make sense.

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
I dont know about you guys but i enjoy being able to backstab with my buccaneer cause its hard enough their accuracy sucks and ability to hit period. Most of the classes in the game have balance and unbalance. Balance: meaning musketeers have the highest accuracy, swashbucklers have the highest dodge, privateers have the highest hitpoints, witchdoctors do the most damage with spell cards, and buccaneers have the highest armor class. Unbalanced: Swashbucklers rarely ever get hit as PC's, Musketeers rarely ever miss, privateers buffs are way too powerful, witchdoctors staff ability sucks if one dodges they all dodge, buccaneers rarely hit they miss more than they hit. There are alot of inbalances in the game to date and some of these cards help give these classes that are lacking an edge they need and gives us players a feeling of empowerment over our toons. If not for these gear cards that come with drops i would never play a buccaneer, i wouldnt want to play a witchdoctor knowing their staff ability is in shambles. From what ive seen so far Swashbucklers and musketeers are the most played classes, WHY is that? Cause they do the most damage and take the least amount of damage. Its not rocket science. People play the fun classes and leave the rest to rot in their own turnmoil. (lack of abilities, low hitpoints, low damage, low armor class and all resist) Im still up in arms as to why witchdoctor gear comes with resist stats on it and not armor class. As I've previously mentioned in another post, 90% of the game is melee damage nothing to do with resisting anything. Ok musketeers and gun using musketeers only with magical damage get resisted monkeys with bows or buffaloons with bows dont get resisted thats an armor class thing. All classes need to be revisited and adjusted accordingly. Hope to see some finer tuning of gear: cards and armor class and resistance. Instead of resist 36 why not resist 18 and ac 18 for witchdoctor and armor 24 resist 8 on a buccaneer piece.