Feb 26, 2013
It is advised if you have not gotten to marleybone, you might not want to read this. Okay, so while I was doing Bonnie's new promotion, she mentioned Albion which was recently taken under Marleybones rule. Now Marleybone was an amazing world, I felt so at home it was ridicules. I felt like my home was actually under attack and I wanted to do everything to protect it being born in Europe.

Anyways, considering the Scottish or Irish (Mix them up a lot) accents of foxes, the theme of Albion must obviously be Scottish or Irish based. Marleybone was English Based/Great Britain. So there is your theme for Albion. So considering that Marleybone, has to be close to Albion, add on to Marleybone or consider the idea I have, maybe it makes it easier because I'm a student animator and I know its tough for the game makers. Alright, right next to the isle of dogs is a piece of land that was obviously the middle of a huge bridge Connecting the island to the capital. If you go to the world portaler in the isle of dogs, somewhere around him is the beginning part of the bridge. Now either it was destroyed for strategic purposes or never completed. Model the rest of the bridge out, and connect it to what I believe is the capital. Model out the Capital and all that fun texturing and animation stuff. And have docks on the other side. Then when you unbottle your ship and depart, your in the backbone of Marleybone. Territory behind the capital, because currently its by the front line and their not really surrounded. Now I know there are two unused stormgates in Westminister, but they are probably already planning to do something with those. So now this new area behind The capital. Okay so have a stormgate that leads to Albion.

So I laid out the basic Area of how to get there, now for a story. So Obviously The queen of Marleybone must live in the capital, and she requests your help considering your epicness on the battlefield and the amazing job at the beachhead. She has a piece of the map but will not part with it unless you help her. Albion has grown tired of Marleybones treatment and are rebeling. With the war, it is straining The royal navy and army. Knowing your mission she promises to depart with the map piece if you help her. So she gives you the task of finding the leader and well make them not the leader anymore to subdue the rebellion. So for those of you who havent gotten this far, Bonnie has a Brother named Guy and he lead the Radicals. Now the radicals got more momentum in Albion and lead the world to rebel. The leader might be Guy or someone with higher power. Now I'll stop here because if they do go with this, they will have to flesh out the story and the world because I can't go into extreme detail. Though I will give some ideas with it.

Also why I went the capital direction is because it would add something neat to the game and marleybone.

Enemies: Winter Foxes, Foxes in General and Some Royal navy ships and other ships.
Terrain: Snowy and forested

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Jun 15, 2009
Sep 20, 2009
Griffen Deverux on Jul 31, 2013 wrote:
Its based on America
Sorry, Griffen, but Albion is definetly a mix of Scotland and Ireland, not the US. Both the Irish and Scottish people have long complained of and have suffered repression at the hands of the English government, and both countries have had numerous rebellions against England. The only question I have is why KI decided to name this skyway Albion in the first place. Albion referes to England, the traditional name for Scotland is Caledonia, and the traditional name for Ireland is Eire.