Adjust the Companion Training Point Cost

Mar 17, 2011
I am now level 50.

Companion training points cost 5000 or more now.
The gold I receive for major boss defeats is only 1000 (for instance Moo Manchu).
The training points cost FAR too much, and the gold given out for many major quests at this level is just a pittance.

I can understand training points costing 4000 or even 3800, but 5000 is far too much. I don't think the training points for companions should ever be above 4000.

I have sold all my extra armor and gear just to get enough companion training points to keep *most* of my companions 5 levels behind me. BUT in the beginning I spent tons of crowns trying to keep my companions trained to my level.

Please adjust the cost of the companion training points, OR give more gold out for major quest and side quest completions at higher levels. The side quests giving 100 gold for completion doesn't make it worth it at all.

Evan Ironside