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Add Solo Player Chests and Rewards PLEASE!

Oct 26, 2012
So some context first. I live in a timezone where sometimes there are barely any high level pirates online (thankfully I am on holiday so now I can usually always team up with friends). I have soloed pretty much every fight up to Valencia Part 2 and can now after a lot of battles I can comfortably solo Kane due to this brilliant guide for bucklers as well as through my own tips and tricks I have learned from experience.

Having no one online, even on team up, forces me to solo Kane. And I must say for a fight deemed unwise to solo by many pirates, the rewards are extremely meagre for the pirate who has no other choice but to solo such a tough dungeon. There are no doubloon chests. Considering the probability that a few companions are definetly gonna die in the boss fight thanks to queens super strikes or other super strikes the reward for pirates who solo this dungeon is also too little. There is also no possible way to earn doubloons as I have said before. So I am proposing an idea to show love to pirates who have to solo such hard dungeons, made even harder going solo.

1.) A solo player Chest with a considerable amount of gold as well as the same loot available from other team chests. Doubloons also in this Chest.

2.) Perhaps a reduction on Bed rest costs. If you solo the dungeon and a companion dies the revive cost should be 9000, if you do it as a duo 18000, as a trio 27000, and as a full squad 36000 as it currently is. This will give me more of a chance to farm Kane as a solo pirate and costs of companion Bed rest increases with ease of game due to more players offering a easier experience.
3.) This is only addressed to Kane and is my most controversial point. Remove the marines in a solo fight. In a 1v1 this is a battle of the eltites, there are no pawns or minions in this game. It would also reduce the fight to a 4vs5 compared to a 4vs7. The marines can stay as they are in other fights though. Although I can definetly complete the dungeon with 2 marines as well, they just are a real nuisance.

Jun 02, 2013
Living on the other side of the world compared to most players I have to agree with you a bit of solo should be encourage and properly rewarded

I just don't agree that the Marines should be removed from the chess game, it just doesn't seem right, does it?

Mar 31, 2010
1. This seems fair. solo play is much more difficult to do, so getting better rewards would make it really worth it.

2. Eh not really logical. I mean you can wake them up with little issue, or simply use other companions. i'm not for it.

3. What? Now solo players would get - twice the rewards, less bed rest costs, and easy gameplay? this would make team play obsolete and ruin the games community.

Also , from what i know about coding, making dungeons different for solo players would be very hard to do.
The game would have to somehow know how many players are there, and act accordingly. so overall i do not think solo players should get any advantage over team players. it would break the way the entire game works.

But thats just MY opinion

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
I'd have to agree with both you, Golden Guardian, & Darius on this one.

It would be nice to receive awesome, enticing rewards for defeating difficult instances solo. But at the same time it's an MMO & for it to thrive, the creators need to encourage/reward the "Multiplayer" aspect(s) of the game more so than the solo. Player interactions, teaming-up & the social interplay within an MMO are what drive the game & may prove to produce more lucrative results that lead to the game's least that's what the developers are hoping. But it does stink for those that have a hard time finding players on at odd hours or that are playing on the other side of the world/Spiral. I am a primarily 100% solo player, when it comes to game play, the story & those tougher instances. But I do enjoy the friendly social aspects of the game, especially in regards to morphing.

I would have to agree with Darius in regards to the Marines, though. Although that final battle with Kane can be tough to solo at first...with adapted strategy & experience it can be super easy, even with the Marines. It wasn't a battle "meant" to do solo & removing anything from that gloriously difficult engagement would take away from the developers impressive designs.

As for doubloons/gold...

If you have the option, create another account & speed-farm 2-lock chests in Achaea with 2 pirates on your 2 accounts. You'll get massive amounts of high-level doubloons & tons of gold. If creating another account isn't option, trying doing it when you have at least 1 friend (or random stranger) on. I can rack up max gold (from zero) in about 40 minutes, along with mega-dozens of awesome doubloons. This is also a great way to revive downed companions. In about 10 minutes you can get the 30,000+ gold to pay Mirac-cool Mooch. Or just hit the first 2 Razin' Kane battles-- they take less than 10 minutes combined & yield about the price of 1 "companion revive", per run...then start the instance over with a full crew.

Apr 29, 2014
I agree that solo players should get doubloons in chest but going though the game you get a ton of gold already and loot so I think besides adding doubloons everything should remain the same in that area. As for bed rest I don't think that's necessary because it kinda is our job to keep companions alive besides defeating enemies. Plus if we lower that cost it's kinda unfair for team players. As for the Kane battle marines, that battle is supposed to be supper hard and even harder to solo. Plus in the battle, weather your with team or not you get the "whole" team (you know 3 companions). This is all my opinion so keep that in mind.
Thanks for reading