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Ability Ideas

Nov 14, 2015
For Privateer:

Lead By Example: An attack that can work with any weapon the privateer is using (gun and wand included), deals decent damage, and debuffs the enemies' armor and resistance.

Lead The Charge: Move to a target location. Has increased speed. Gives a random buff to all allies.

Desperation (or When All Is Lost): If the player's health is in red, he can use this skill. It deals magic damage to all enemies around the player, and makes the player un-killable for a turn. (this might be considered OP, but keep in mind that the player must be alive and very low health. The enemies could still damage the privateer, but not beyond 1 health for that turn.)

Sacrifice: This skill can be used on any ally unit (except the player who uses it). For 3 turns, any damage done to the targeted unit is redirected to the player, regardless of the player's position.

Reinforcements: Summon 3 units. They would be from a selection of various military powers in the Spiral (Ex: Monquista soldiers, Marlybone officers, Aquilan Eagles etc).


Brutal Ferocity: An attack that deals high damage, and ignores armor. Player gains 25% damage immunity for one turn.


Sand In The Eyes: Affects a small area. Deals small damage. Decreases accuracy by 50%.

Gamble: Target an enemy. 60% chance the enemy will immobilized. 40% chance the player will be immobilized. Infinite range.


I could not think of anything off the top of my head. It would be nice if Musks got Fix Bayonets (an ability only available via crown shop) from their trainer.



Affects an area. Gives the opponent(s) affected the effect "Dread" which would be a DOT (damage over time) and debuff the enemies' weapon and spell power. This effect lasts for 5 turns.

Go ahead and share any other ability ideas you have, or what you think about these ones. Hope it gives KI some ideas

Cedric Moone