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A thought for identifying boss enemies better

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Good day!

Now, I know I already spoke to Blind Mew about adding in icon labels to boss enemies to better identify them as actual bosses, but I may have another idea to go with that mentioned suggestion I spoke of, & have it more immersive to the suggestion.

That said, here it is...

For boss enemies' background colors in their character portraits in battleboards during combat, have their background colors changed from red to dark purple, so it will be easier to spot & identify them as bosses, to better differentiate them from many enemy mobs' portraits, who all share their red background colors in their character portraits in battleboard square tiles during combat.

To some of you playing the game that are probably thinking this suggestion a bit negatively, no, it's not what you think it would lead to. I'm definitely not asking KI to scrap the idea I mentioned. I'm just asking to change their background colors from dark to dark purple in addition to that mentioned idea I spoke of. It's a matter of recoloring their background colors during combat only, or if it to makes their identification more unique, a new background image created while retaining the dark purple colorations I mentioned. The many enemy mobs can keep their dark red colorations. It's the bosses' background colors that needs to be changed to dark purple, is what I ask of KI to go with my previous suggestion.

Hope you may do that soon, KI, if you please.

Thanks again for listening!