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A thank you to Kingsisle

Mar 28, 2010
Over the past few years, Kingsisle has made the game easier and more accessible for players who don't like to buy crowns, myself included. Before Don Ready was introduced, there was no way to get a mount without spending crowns which was frustrating for non crowns players but Kingsisle eventually added Don Ready and his 1 day mounts. After that, Moo Manchu was introduced which added a Ki-Rin Mount, not my personal favorite mount because of the normal speed but a free mount nonetheless. Afterwards, pvp was introduced which added perm fast mounts with scrip which was amazing. And after that, the Valencian Steed was given to people who spent money during May on pirate101. And to top it all off, Kane drops a permanent super fast mount called "Buccaneer Clockwork Steed."

Thank you

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