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A suggestion for KI employee players

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Hi there!

Seeing some of the KI staff play the game time to time is always thrilling, even though as most times crowds of players can make it challenging to attend, but I may have a suggestion that will surely recognize them even quicker... a 3D symbol in the shape of the company's logo hovering over KI's staff players' names!

Think of this. Currently, they have their own badges that only shows them they're KI staff that are for them only, right? I was thinking after reading that & thought, "Why should they just have that? I know they're KI staff that use their own KI staff badges & all, but, shouldn't they have symbols of the company's logo with them, too?", & that's where it hit me. That should be for them along with their own badges, too.

KI, this suggestion is from me to you & the staff that plays the games out there. Add 3D symbols to KI staff players so it will be a lot easier to spot & recognize KI staff players.

Reminder to all, this suggestion is for KI staff players only, nothing more. It's to spot them more easier.

Thanks for listening!