A Small Change Request with Big Results...

Feb 07, 2014
I would like to ask that the developers consider changing how the Red and Blue floating Life and Manna potions are picked up.

Presently you have to physically walk through the item and even then at times it will not activate and reward you. It may take walking directly into one, and chasing it for a moment to have it be added to your character.

I propose the floating health and manna potions automatically move to your character if the character comes within a certain distance of the potion.

This would make it so much easier and much less frustrating when you are trying to sneak around enemies to capture a potion but it does not "attach" to your character after walking into it.

Please, consider making pick-up of these potions according to need and proximity not walking into or standing on top of a potion to capture it.

This in my thinking would be a small change with big results in game play.

Thank you

Dec 15, 2012
This can happen to me when I'm walking (very rarely), but it happens all the time when on mounts. I propose that picking up Yum-yum fruit is made easier when on mounts. Thanks for the suggestion.

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
I was just walking with my armadillo without my puma. I saw that my health needed a boost, and I saw a yum-yum fruit. I pursued it but it was far. So, I put on my puma and chased it. It then went behind the wall, beyond my reach.

I was like "NOOOOOOOO, that fruit!"