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A scary and cute idea :P

Dec 11, 2010
I think that to celebrate Birth o ween this year we should have our own Pirate101 version of the Nightmare Hoard pack from Wizard101 with some companions and some powerful and scary :P pets thrown in

Ghostly dragon (like the one in wizard101's version)
A Ghost Priggle (A ghostly piggle complete with an eye patch over his left eye)
Skelemonkey (Like the monquista ones)
Haunted grimoire (A spellcasting book who is haunted by a ghost who occasionally pops out and shows his face)

Dead-Eye Priggle. A Pirate Piggle who is a swashbuckler but is a ghost
Davy de Jones. An octopus ghost knight who is a buccaneer
For the rest I will let you guys decide and say what you would like for a companion/pet

P.S. Piggle fans unite :D

Nov 23, 2011
A Halloween/Birthday pack would be great. For companions, I would go with the classics: a Frankenstein pirate, a Bride of Frankenstein a Mummy pirate, a Wolfman pirate, and a Bela Lugosi-ish vampire pirate. Since that group is mostly male, maybe a witch and a female ghost?


Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
For Birth O Ween, I would like to see some decorations around SI. Seasonal Companions not so much as we already have S.M. Arson, Bones McCoy, the Lost Ranger and the Two Mastersons ( Jim and Bat ) vampires
If we had anything new, maybe a werewolf or Krokomummy? or those could be pets.