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A question for whoever adds the characters!

Dec 15, 2012
I promise I will never ask again for any other character so far and I know you said that pirate101 will never go to wizard city but at least PLEASE add Arthur Wethersfield the balance teacher to pirate101! If this would even be possible please make it so that we see him and more than once and maybe even be the foster father of the pirates who chose marleybone as their home planet! and please have him join our crews! I miss him so much!

Oct 27, 2009
Maybe Arthur the Balance teacher has a brother, or even a sister in our part of the Spiral. Remember Harold Argleston, the Wizard City librarian? I've seen a couple of his brothers in Pirate areas.
I think Prof. Wethersfield is kept very busy training young wizards and doubt he could be spared by the Headmaster with all that is going on there. Perhaps we could meet some other family members of Ravenwood staff.