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A Promotion Idea for Mustang Sally!

Petty Officer
May 24, 2009
I think Mustang Sally should get a promotion and here is my idea, a costume simulair to El Toro with a cape and a hat cowboy hat with a feather on it but no mask.

Oct 15, 2010
Aug 01, 2011
It would be like that. Then in the quest she says that an old friend was kidnapped.....

Mustang Sally: Captain I think our old friend.....well. Let's explain it in a Tavern Cellar

* Enter the Tavern *

Mustang Sally: Captain. You know Timmy? Well the poor child was kidnapped. Let's go see the Magnificent Six.
(This quest will probably only be for Swashbucklers. If you bought her I guess you just use gold to promote her.)

Bill Peacock: Yes. It's true. Old Timmy was kidnapped again during our training session. The worst part of it is. The Wild Bunch are regrouping! They want revenge and so they took Timmy once again. Talk to Duck for more information. He should have information.

* Talk to Duck Holliday *

Duck: Thank the spiral! You're finally here! I know it's sad that we can't beat them again. The problem is. We don't know where they are! Try these six places. Be careful. Three of those caves have criminals in it. Three of the other caves have gigantic monsters. One of them you already faced.

* Sail to Poison Puddle Cave *

Bonnie Anne: Ugh! There are puddles of poison everywhere!

Mustang Sally: Wait..did you hear that?

???: Come to us....become us...........

Bonnie anne: What are those things? Some sort of poison blob?

???: Reform to become stronger!!!

* They become huge about the size of a statue *

Mustang Sally: Who cares what they are! En garde!

* Defeat Smogdown *

When you fight him you have to hit him to separate all his friends so they become smaller then attack the small ones but be quick he can reform at any time. It's a weird boss but it's fitting for the Poison Puddle Cave.

* Go back to Duck *

Duck: Well that was unexpected....Next you should check Treacherous Rink.

Bonnie: Treacherous Rink?

Duck: This might sound odd.....but not to long ago a weird strange Ice Wizard fairy came here and casted a spell. Then that appeared.

Bonnie: Ice wizard fairy?

Duck: Just go to the place!

* Sail to Treacherous Rink in Cooper's Roost Skyway.

To be continued.....

Aug 01, 2011
Continued! (I shortened the caves so now it's 3 caves.)

* Sail to Treacherous Rink *

Mustang Sally: We made it. Be careful I hear weird noises up ahead.

Gobbler: Witches! Brothers! We will defend our home!

Mustang Sally: Wait we are no-

Gobbler: Attack!

* Defeat Gobblers *

* 2 Gobblers use their own cheats. You remember how some bosses use Jobu's Breath to heal theirselves? Well now the gobbler named Sam uses it on your companions when he reaches mid-health. Stop this by defeating Randal and Oliver first. When you defeat Randal, Oliver will use Damage Protection on him and Sam. *

Sally: Well that was weird......let's head back to Duck.

Duck: Wasn't there either huh? Well the last place....I am really scared what will happen......if they are there. We will all be doomed. Go to Dark Ritual cave.

Sally: Why is he nervous?

* Sail to Dark Ritual Cave *

Waco: Great the la- wait! You?! I thought that would be the last time I saw you! But you're too darn late! We will summon the all mighty and powerful! Captain Ghastvolt!

* Ghastvolt appears * (He looks like an Ebon Spectre but bigger)

Ghastvolt: Ah! It's about time someone summoned me. Get to cause chaos......

Waco: Ghastvolt! Destroy these fools!

Ghastvolt: I do not take orders...

Waco: What?! Ahhhh!!!

* Waco gets sent into a portal and is gone *

Ghastvolt: It is time I seek revenge on the entire realm! Now! * Teleports away *

El Toro: We need to head back to Duck! Quickly!

* Go talk to Duck *

To be continued once again....(It might seem long but it's because i'm spacing everything.)

Aug 01, 2011
Part 3 Hopefully the last part.

Duck: This is horrible news! Ghastvolt is a phantom that served Blood's crew! But when Ghastvolt betrayed Blood. Blood killed him and buried him in that cave.

Duck: Waco must have thought with Ghast at his side he would force people to build the new and improved Wild Bunch. Go see Nadya quickly! She might have information on how to defeat him!

* Talk to Nadya *

Nadya: I never thought I would see you pirates again. How are you?

Nadya: What?! Ghastvolt has risen?! This is dire news! If you wish to know how to defeat him you must find El Toro. He will know how to defeat him.

* Talk to El Toro *

El Toro: Ah. I see. Sally my dear. You must find your mother La Caballo. * Music Plays * She was also a hero like me. We got divorced because of my training with Don. She said I was too rough and he was meant to be a gentleman. Not a hero to risk his life. You probably didn't remember her because we got divorced when you were a child...

El Toro: We need her blade to defeat Ghastvolt. To summon her you need candles. Take the candles right here. Then take this book. It knows the spell to cast La Caballo. * Music plays *

* Collect candles *

* Go to the Abandoned Church *

La Caballo: * Yawn * Who dares awake mistress La Caballo * Music plays * from her sleep?

* Talk to La Caballo *

La Caballo: Sally my dear.....never thought i'd see you again. You want my blade? Anything for my dear.....but you need to find a spell so you can wield it. As you can see it will obviously fall through your hand.

Ratbeard: Who do we know that is a master of ye old Mojo....Vadima!

* Talk to Vadima *

Vadima: Ah you seek spell to turn items visible? Old Scratch....let me teach you the arts. Good. Good. Now he has the spell. But there is one more thing. Bring seed from Hamamitsu skyway. They teem with Mojo.

* Collect seeds *

Vadima: Wonderful. You now have spell.

Bonnie: Well that was simple. Now we should be able to get that blade! Let's return to La Caballo.

Oct 15, 2010