A Pirates Night Mare: Sea Monsterssssssss!!!!

Oct 26, 2012
You are riding a lone galleon through the dreaded darkmoor stormgate. A roar silences your crew. Up from the skies comes the black death... a creature so long that that Hawkules begins to cry. It has skin made of burning coal; black scales with only fire seperating them. Silence and shadows fill the black stormgate as the beast slithers through the dark. Flames the size of El Toros' pride come out of its eyes. A horn could faintly be heard, and an eagle galleon fleet rushes for a battle. You then blow your horn as a call for help, awaiting a battle.

The Spiral trembles as the forces collide, and after a long war and a few sunken ships, you and your friends have slain the guardian of darkmoor! And woah, he is now in your inventory!

Wow! You found a beast! Now what do you do with it? You put in your swimming pool or go out for a fun ride.

I honestly think the game should have more sea monster fights. Imagine fighting the kraken, slaying Ancalagon the Black or letting the water horse ride through the skies of your buccaneer stronghold!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
"Flames the size of El Torro's pride" Simply beautiful. You have quite a gift for picturesque speech and delightful sense of humor. Keep up the good work.

Jan 02, 2012
A giant sea serpent would make a cool tower boss in Darkmoor!