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A new world to come

Jun 16, 2014
Hi everyone! Missed you all! Anyway, there are the worlds in pirate101 like skull island, monquista, Valencia etc. Well do you think they'll make a new world. KI is so creative to come up with another one. So what world do you think should be the next one? To tell you the truth I think it should be grizzleheim.It's beautiful in wizard101 but they should make it more in pirate101. I love grizzleheim! It's like the snowy area in Canada. But some of the bears look Swedish. So what world should be next. Tell me and I'll get back to ya. Thanks for reading and see ya in the spiral! Bye!

Friendly Taylor Silver
Level 55 swashbuckler

Petty Officer
Aug 11, 2013
There have been pages of speculations on what the next world will be. I think you can be sure that there will be a next world. As for its identity, who can say? I would love it if Grizzleheim is the next world as it is my favorite world in Wizard101. No matter what they come up with, I'm sure KI will give us something awesome.


Mar 24, 2013
There are a lot of questions regrading, what is the next world will be after finishing the current last world.The spiral is a huge world, what comes next is really a mystery. But what I have read so far the next world seems to point out Girzzleheim, a Norse themed world.

Girzzleheim is a beautiful,but a though world to be in.Like our friend captain Boachebread says " Only the strongest,and toughest will survive." This mean Girzzleheim when comes to adventuring,prepare yourself as pirates for the toughest world yet in the spiral.Who knows what lies a head.

Krokotopia is another possibility,according to the Rosetta stones.

Other mentioned are Darkmoor and Raja, according what I have read in the message boards. It's a long shot to explore these world,but we will see.