A New Minigame

Nov 03, 2012
I Have An Idea!
In each tavern there is a shady looking character with a table that has a chessboard on it. Once a day you can interact with this person. Whence interacted with a puzzle shows up on the screen or maybe a riddle. All in All it is some type of challenge. If you complete the challenge you get a small reward. 50-100 gold, a pet snack or maybe even a training point. The challenge theme can change for each world. In Skull Island it could be a maze but you only get a minute to do it. Maybe in Mooshu it could be a mancala game where you have to beat the shady person.
Three more things…
Even if you fail the puzzle that still counts as you doing it and you have to wait another day.
Once you do the puzzle with any of the shady people that's it for all of them in every tavern across the spiral. In case that didn't make sense if I do a puzzle in Skull Island then I have to wait another day to do a puzzle in Aquila or Marleybone or anywhere else.
Lastly, you can tell when you can try the challenge again when the table in front of the person is blinking yellow or glowing. You can always check how much time is left until you can try again by looking at a timer above the table.
I hope you like my idea and would love it if I got some feedback on it.