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A New Class?

Jan 03, 2013
I just had a real out of mind idea. A new class. I don't know how this would work at all. But what would you do for a new class? What moves would it have? Would it spin Pirate101 on it's head? Reply on this topic please. I wanna know what you would do.

Nov 03, 2012
Class Name: Trickster Class

What it does: The powers in this class make he enemy do weird things like running back 10 spaces. Other powers could paralyze them, set up tripwires or leave bombs on the ground that emit blinding smoke and explode in 3 rds.

Nov 01, 2012
rather then new classes why don't we add a branching promotion tree each class promotes at level 40 to one of a new class.

btw these names are on the fly so.

i'll try to run through about to classes trees.
brawler basically trades health and some bulk for pure power. also is the only one able to use the new "punchy" type weapons.

trades even more speed and movement for even more bulk. new skills allow you to plow right through obstacles and foes alike (this is a background talent only useable with the buccaneer "charge" skills.

slightly less magic put a plethora of buffs and healing spells to make up for it and also has more melee magics to make up for the slight loss to range.

trades bulk for more summoning skills and slightly higher magic range. and a unique power to create an ally (as in leaves once the battle is over and you don't get a chest for it bosses are immune) of a slain foe once per battle.(you must be the one who kills toe foe)

remember you only choose ONE of these upon promotion it depends on the quest you pick from your teacher. the quest name might tip you in and some of the dialogue

stay classy pirates (oh who am i kidding . go sink some ships!)
Jason Carter level 43 Buccaneer

promo trees to do
hows that looks so far?

Nov 03, 2012
Class Name: Grenadier

What it does: This class is all about bombs. Enough said.

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
Class Name: Engineer.
Summons golems and clockwork machines to aid you in battle, steals buffs and removes debuffs, puts enemies in a giant suit of armor to provide increased outgoing damage and reduced incoming damage and a heavy boost of basic stats, blasts enemies in groups (similar to mojo storm) and boosts epic talents by one rank.

Gunner's Mate
Nov 01, 2012
I think a new class would make sense to add to the game since wizard101 has 7 total main classes (fire, ice, storm, death, life, myth, and balance) and pirate101 has 5 classes to choose from plus also you can 6 pirates total and repeating a class would be tedious and pointless if you have already gone through it all once on that class so it makes complete sneeze to add another one that way you have 6 different pirates. If KI did add another class it would probably be a class that uses ranged attacks since they're are 3 melee attack classes
which are , , and but only 2 ranged attack classes and so if they did add another class it should be a ranged combat class to even out the classes. Even so I doubt they will add another class any time soon or possibly ever simply because if they did think of all the stuff they would have to do for it: a new place in Avery's court (meaning they would need to make it even bigger), create the house and teacher, new powers from level 1-65 which is a lot of work I'm sure, the class specific companion like fan Flanders, the extra class restricted companions for it (like the lost ranger for only) and that would be for every world plus the quests for specific powers and epics and etc. basically I don't think it will happen ever or if it does not for a very, very , VERY long time but still it would be cool I like the idea

Nov 01, 2012
okay I've done some thinking about the rest of the promo trees and heres what i got.



overall accuracy increases along with range and power. however your traps and powers do less damage.

while your magic damage (guns) goes down your trapping prowess goes up and same with crossbow power as well. aslo a slight bonus to damage with stabby weapons (aka knives)


a flashy brawler excels at fast deadly strikes and attacks that that land a flurry of blows upon the opponent(s)

Excels at single target elimination and spreading bleed and poison to the foe.

Privateer (is that the right icon? i think it is)

Gains a rare epic allowing them to have an extra ally in combat while prefering to remain behind the battle line with bomb attacks they aren't afraid to attack with their blade and shield.

trades their bomb attacks fro a blade of unbeatable power is able to find the smallest chink in the opposing army's defenses and make the decisive blow!

not many epics have been made at this point but i'm working on it. i'm open the suggestion and tweaks.
Take care.
Jason Carter level 43 Buccaneer.

Petty Officer
Jan 09, 2013
Class name: Hacker

Hacks the opponent team's players and removes one of the players' buffs or powers.
Has a power with an unlimited range that purges a group of players.
50% of the damage that comes to this class goes back to the attacker.
Has the ability to steal a power or a buff from every player of the opponent team.