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A good idea for a new world

Dec 23, 2012
Hi everyone, I hear allot of people bringing up suggestions of new worlds but one great idea would be of Grizzleheim home of bears, wolves, and ravens a place of great ideas for companions

if anyone is reading this tell me some great ideas for companions that can be in Grizzleheim that can fit in
with this world. there are no wrong answers just new and improved answers

and writers of pirate101 can use these suggestions to make this world a part of the spiral in pirate101.Now lets get to those suggestions.

brought to you by Quick Blake Maxwell

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
If a visit to Grizzleheim is part of Book 15, then Ki has already put the companions in the program. We just have to wait and see.

Petty Officer
Feb 05, 2013
If grizzleheim IS the next world ( i hope it is ) then here are some ideas for what could be added:

Companions that could be added

- Bjorn GreyTooth: A warrior bear who uses 2 large axes as weapons.

- Gart BrownPelt- Bear ghost, who uses spells to attack enemy's at range. I mean, all the ghosts i've seen in pirate 101, ( im at lvl cap) are privateers. It's time for some spooky ghosts.

- Tooth- Lol, didn't know a name for this guy. Basically hes one of those trolls who live in the icy parts. He moves fast and attacks with claws.

- Pip- A dark fairy, who has her own special cards: Card 1: Summon A Ally. Card 2: Morph into the powerful form of a seraph i think there called, for 5 turns. Attack damage increases x2 during this time.

Some Weapons-

-Bow of Grandfathers- A bow for musketeers that comes with a special card: Piercing Arrows. Launch A Bundle of arrows at enemy group.

-Frost Knives: Two wicked looking knives, made from pure ice, that deal lots of damage.

- Staff Of Shadows: A Black staff topped with the crown of a dark fairy queen, that has a large attack radius.
All I Could Think Of

If krokotopia is the new world too, here some companions i guess-

- Ammit: Straight from the underworld, to fight beside your pirate. Does large damage, and can regenerate health with a special card.

Thats all i got :3


- Staff Of Serapis: Super powerful staff, can only be obtained by beating a boss.

All i got cya guys :D

-Daring Destiny Dove: Lvl 65 Musketeer