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A few suggestions and questions

Jul 26, 2010
I have a few questions and suggestions to go with them.

For starters, I know the idea of "sailing" between the worlds is pretty and all, but it is VERY time consuming. My daughter has limited time on the computer, and when she has to travel to valencia, it takes a good 4-5 minutes of travel. That's a real time eater for nothing but pretty scenes. Is there going to be a quicker way to port between worlds?

Another thing I loved about wizard 101 that is missing in pirates is the "mark" for quick teleportation. I really loved that, and again, would save time for children who have limited time on the computer.

Other suggestions have already been made, so I'll just list the ones I definitely agree with. Mounts for gold, lowered crown costs for permanent mounts (more then ten dollars just to go faster in the game? That's a bit much!), bizarre addition, pet store.