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A few ship ideas

May 29, 2009
Hello all, I have a couple of cool ship ideas that I think are good:

A. Being able to stitch ship equipment together, just like Eloise a NPC can stitch only ship equipment. Such as an anchor that you really like, but it's just for pirate origin ships. So what you do is stitch the item you like to the item you think has the best stats! Of course it only works for specific types of equipment; I.E. A skiff part can only be stitched with another Skiff part.

B. Ship Ramming! A new button 5 power could be used for a ram you can attach to your ship and when activated you get a burst of energy that rams into the ship for massive damage! Of course there could be a cool-down timer but you get the full timer when you successfully hit and the timer shortens when you miss to allow for a second chance.