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A companion that I would love to have

Oct 02, 2012
I hit 50 today in mooshu with plenty of story to go. I wanted to write this suggestion because I would love to see this companion in the crown shop. I have for as long as I could remember watched "big trouble in little china" and it is by far one of my best loved films to this day. When you added the battle against Lo Pan, i thought that was a great touch. I would like to suggest one better. Could we potentially have him as a crown companion? I think those who want to live our nostalgic days watching Kurt Russel and Kim Cattrel teaming up for an action based film , could really relish this NPC and to be honest he would be my replacement for dr. noh. but I think honestly that this should be considered given the dying effect e.t.c. You did VERY well to bring that movie to the game... now lets bring Lo Pan to the store :)