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A bundle idea you could use

Feb 07, 2011
i dont know if this is the right part of the mesage board to post this but i have a brill idea for a bundle.

we all know the flying duchman ( AKA: Davy jones), well you can do a bundle with him in mind.
this could be like the boochbeard bundle, you can either chose the 12 month membership or the 60000 crowns, for the pet you could put in a green ghost parot, for the companion you could have a green ghost musketeer skeletal pirate (this could be a zombie also), for the house you could make a green ghost shipreck house, for the weapon and the attire instead of the green ghost stuff you could make real weapon and attire just like the flying duchman had. for the mount you could make a green ghost stalion.

i hope you like this idea, i would love t see this in the shop sometime

Jan 29, 2010
Personally, I would like to see a Monquista ship style bundle.