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A bunch of good ideas

Oct 13, 2018
So I'm going to be discussing a few ideas that will be very beneficial to the game and it's players.

A barbershop included into the game would be a very nice addition and a very great change that wouldn't upset many players if any at all. The choice to change your face or hair features would be great for those who want to try out new looks and designs or just wants to change the appearance of their character in general.

Drop rates/percentages
This can be very helpful for people who want to see the rarity of the item they are farming for other than knowing that "It's hard to get." I am hoping you can add this to rare drop items such obsidian boss drops, rare drops you can get from packs (such as the chances of getting the companions or mounts) or rarities of anything that are desirable for players so they can know their the chances of what they are farming for.

Potions Ideas
I think there should be more specific potions such as a potion I had in mind, Potion of Luck. This potion should increase the drop rates of boss specific drops or any drops that come out of the bosses chest by a significant amount and either last a few hours or a specific number of boss runs. Another potion idea is the Potion of Swiftness. This potion should be able to allow you and whoever is playing with you to fight the battles in x2 the normal speed PVE only. This would be efficient for anyone who is farming bosses that take a long time such as any obsidian boss.

Diverse mounts
I think it is time Pirate101 gets diverse mounts. What I mean by this is sort of like the chain ball mount that came out for April Fools that is very slow. Some other ideas are mounts that go slightly faster than the others, mounts that gives stats that don't affect pve or pvp such as a mount that gives energy or increased drop chances or gold gain.

Reroll Chest
I think re roll chest should be added to obsidian bosses and should only give items that the boss drops instead of items that all the minions give as well. With this being said, since it only has items that the boss drops which is normally a low amount of drops, there should also be added items such as obsidian skeleton keys, script, and gold.

Isaiah 70
Isaiah 70

Gunner's Mate
Sep 04, 2018
I really don't want Pirate101 to go the way Wizard101 did with pay to win crown shop and pack items that makes everyone else want to quit.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
The only thing I like in the list is the barber shop; many players have asked for this since W101's Magic Mirror made it's appearance. The M.M.started as a crown item but has now passed to using gold.