a big problem

Jan 22, 2013
okay so you know when your computer shuts down for no reason (it happens to me anyway) and when you finally get back on its still going even though it got out of the game. when it goes back your dead. can you PLEASE fix that. PLEASE!

-jack nightgale

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
That very feature can be life or frustration saving too. Sometimes Windows will do an update and do a forced reboot without letting me know, since I am in fullscreen mode, I do not see the warning they put up. This has happened when I was in a long dungeon and I was Ever so grateful the the game kept playing while I went through the process of rebooting and restarting the game. All that time was not wasted because the game held on to my character until I got back. I love it that there is that time delay.