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A better way to morph?

Gunner's Mate
May 13, 2009
I often see posts where people ask to morph to get a certain pet, talent, or high pedigree. Most of the time it becomes too much of a hassle to arrange the morphing session. This got me thinking… What if there was a morphing match-up system! Here's my idea:

A new activity category called “Morphing season” would queue your pet to morph with others. When you select it, a page pops up asking for two criteria your pet needs to morph with another pet. You only pick two of the following for your pet’s criteria: a talent, a power, the type of pet, a baseline pedigree, or a baseline stat like agility. Two is a good number because any more would make it too hard to find a match. The cost would be 25,000 under all circumstances.
Pets stay on the task for as long as it takes, so they will match and morph when you’re not playing the game! Setting many pets to the task increases your chances of morphing. In addition to that, I was thinking of another called, “Random morph”, where you morph with a random pet in that task’s queue for half the gold, which is great for beginners. For any of you who play pokemon, this is basically a pirate101 version of the GTS (Global Trade System).