XP not earned

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
I just recently found this bug, when I completed the mission to take the brass monkey to port regal I did not get the 900 xp nor did I get a notification of the missions completion.
Please help! and I have accepted the next mission as well.

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
i am going to guess it is either a glitch, or you didnt finish the quest yet

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
Thanks for the help it was a glitch, the next time I logged on I had to hand it in again but this time I got the experience

May 01, 2012
If I remember correctly, you are supposed to deliver the Brass Monkey to the Inspector who is at the entrance to Port Regal (you might have to stop your ship there). The Inspector is then supposed to let you have access to Port Regal and tells you to take the Brass Monkey to the Governor. Check to see what your Quest Journal actually says. Also, next time please include the name(s) of the Quests you are talking about. It makes them much easier to find and, of course, to help you. If you got in to Port Regal (and it sounds like you did), that does sound like a bug.