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Why can't I play..?

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
I'm having trouble getting into the game for some reason. I've played this game a hundred of times before and this problem just started today. At first, when I put in my password, a Error message popped up; so I figured the game was down for maintenance for a little while.

Tried again a few hours later, then it finally took me to my character selection, but when I click the "play" button, it said "Verifying Character" for a few moments, then says something along the lines of "unable to connect to server" and then another page popped up telling me to either Quit or go back to my Character Selection.

Is this common, do I have a bug, will it go away in a few more hours, or is this something new? I'm thinking about turning off my computer and seeing if that helps, and I'll report back if it does, but until then... help?

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
So... I just turned off my computer and tried again, but the same thing is happening. Nothings change, so please, someone help. I've made too much progress in the game, paid for a one year membership, just to loose it all right here? Nope, I need help and I refuse to waste a years' membership to this bug.

Nov 02, 2012
I am also having a similar problem with my pirate. I was in the game in Knossos with a friend on the docks and went to head into the gate and my game got stuck. After several attempts I was able to finally resume play. Then I got on my friend's ship to head back to another island and received the message that this area was not ready for me, even though I had previously been to this island. Then it took me back to the log in page and since then I have been unable to log in and have received several different types of errors ranging from the "unable to connect to server" all the way to it logging me in only to stop me at the Pirate flag and not go any further. Now, I am stuck back at "please wait...verifying character".

Is this a known bug or something that is sporadically happening to only a few people? Please advise if there is anything that I can do on my end to clear up this error.


Nov 15, 2009
Bloody Belle, I think you better contact Customer Support and give them more info about the problem you have with your account, they will help you much better if you contact with them.

Hello! Sorry to hear both Bloody Bell and GmatoMax are having issues logging into the game. I've contacted Customer Support for you, and they will open a ticket to help you get unstuck. They will be contacting you over the emails associated with each of your accounts. Definitely contacting is your best course of action if you are hit with this particular bug.

Hope to get you back in the skyways soon!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*