Where and when to report problems?

First Mate
May 01, 2012
I have two questions about where and when to report problems. At the moment, I believe there are two formal channels for reporting problems: Support and The Bilge Pump. From what I am seeing, most of the reports in The Bilge Pump relate to game play and major Voice-over problems. Is this correct? For problems reported to The Bilge Pump, do you also want them submitted to Support?

For each problem we find, do you want a bug report sent to Support for each pirate? I am running 6 pirates. Ror each pirate, I go through the game until I reach a logical stopping point (like entering a new area) and do the next pirate till all pirates are at about the same point and then continue on. The question is: do I make a bug report for each pirate (too much reporting I think), one bug report per game update, or just one bug report? If just one bug report, how do we know when to re-test the bug (if we can) to see if it has been fixed?

An idea along that line is to make a list of known bugs and dates as to when they were fixed, expect to be fixed, have a fix that is not implemented yet, or are still open but are definitely known to exist. The list could be arranged by Quests and Areas and made searchable by those categories. This could be like a Locked forum so we could see if the problem was repaired and when or at least is known but we would not be able to comment on it except to write letters to Support.

The "formal" channel for reporting bugs is definitely through the use of the bug reporter tool from the Help menu icon above; however, posting here will also help it gain some visibility.

Please only report the bug once for your account.

Bugs are typically fixed with Game Updates. You can review those from the Update Notes page.


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