What happened to my ship?

Petty Officer
Aug 22, 2010
Last week when I logged on to Pirate 101, I immediately noticed something wrong with my Mooshu Galleon.

My flag symbols are no longer displayed on its armor.

Last year I farmed long & hard to get the Dragon's August Armor for my Mooshu Galleon. After about 2 months of farming I finally got the drop. This was back in the day when ship parts were classed by weight & ship class... light, medium, & heavy for... skiff, frigate, & galleon.

The Dragon's August Armor was the 3rd level, heavy armor, for the Mooshu Galleon. This armor made my ship look epic & it displayed my flag symbols on the gold shields. This is my favorite ship by the way.

Well, up until a week ago, the Dragon's August Armor displayed my flag symbols on the shields.
Now it does not. I reported this as a bug to customer service & they told me... "Each ship is different and will have its own level of customization. The Mooshu Galleon does not display the ships' flag symbols when the Dragon's August Armor is equipped. This is simply a design choice."

I know this can't be right. I've seen this armor display my flag symbols for almost 2 years. Many times I stood on the docks admiring my epic Mooshu Galleon. I loved the extra detail of my flag symbols being displayed on the armor's shields. Now my ship looks dumbed down, plain jane & all those many, many, many hours of farming to get this armor for my ship is wasted.

If this is not a bug, then why the graphic change? I don't like it. I want my Mooshu epicness back. I should emphasize that this is my favorite ship. If there was a maxed out crowns version of this ship, I would buy it in a heartbeat & all the upgrades too.

Any help you can offer would be great. Maybe pass this along to the programers. I really hope this is just some update oversight that the people at customer service are simply unaware of.