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What Are You Saying?

Jul 05, 2012
Hi there,One-Eyed Jack! I have an Aquilan glitch to report. I was questing in the main story line when el Toro started saying some odd things. His written dialogue seemed just fine, but his audio did not match at all. While in Medea's sanctum and the Lair of Medusa, he kept talking about lighting lanterns and saving the spirits of helpless villagers. I was alone in Medea's Sanctum and was with a friend in the Medusa's Lair. My friend didn't have the same issue. Thanks for your time!
-Fair Charlotte Firth, Level 65 Musketeer

Hi! We've noticed this as well, and the errant dialogue you mention is already scheduled to be fixed in one of our upcoming updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jun 02, 2013
Me: hey guess what old scratch somethings wrong with el Toro he talks about weird thing such as saving villagers and litghing lanterns
Old Scartch:could I have a look at him captain
We go there
Old Scratch:as I thought me captain I see dark mojo around him captain me captain
Me:gasps* el Toro?