weird post update bugs

Oct 27, 2009
As usual the spiral got interesting after a large update yesterday. In Valencia, one of my pirates decided to wear an all red, undetailed or textured, WIzard outfit for a while. No, not witchdoctor, she was wearing the pointy "new wizard" hat, robes, and boots.
In Mooshu, a friend and I entered the Sanctum of Moo Manchu together. We were instantly split up and transported into separate fights in the sub-floor of the room. Yes, the entire fight took place in the floor with only the tips of hats and weapons poking out of the ground. The battleboard worked to let us select moves and target pigs. During the fight scenes sometimes we would see ourselves or the pigs leap out of the floor during epic attacks. Yes, my friend also was seeing the in floor effect. After the fight ended, it was tougher than usual to pick up treasure, because that was hidden in the floor too. I was able to run around under the floor and even into the walls of the room, seeing the arena in the next room in "cut away walls" form. I could also see 4 pigs hanging out under the floor, a couple on each end of the room. I followed the quest arrow into the darkness to find my way out. I reentered the sanctum through the sigil and the floor was still an issue.

Thanks for your report! If you see something showing up in all red, this usually means the texture associated with that object didn't load. This might be a loading issue, and some players have found restarting will sometimes take care of the red object. If it persists, you'll want to contact support. Support may ask you for a DXDiag file to see if your computer might be a little thin on RAM or vRAM and be able to make further recommendations.

I'll forward on your report concerning the Moo Manchu Sanctum.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*