Various Aquila/Game Bugs

Petty Officer
Jun 01, 2009
I have run across a few bugs while questing in Aquila. I do not know if they existed before or after the Spring Update since I only just got out of Marleybone once the update went into effect. Here in no particular order:

My pet spawned on my character during battle.
This happen during one of my (many) fights with the hydra. My pet had spawn on top of my character during the fight. The pet was still able to act, but not move. My character was treated as if it was defeated. AoE attacks did not hit me, I was not able to choose abilities, and my reactive talents did not trigger. After my pet was eventually defeated was I able to control my character again.

Location marking permanently disabled after completing the passage battle.
After I completed the hyda,moss,mold,flower-crab,ship-battle-thing, I noticed I was not able to mark locations anymore. This continued through Itichia and even after I returned to Nova Aquila. I am still not able to mark a location to recall to.

Customer Support button not working.
Nothing happens when I press this button during game play. Neither IE/FF opens up to anything and I receive no other messages or notification during game play.

Reckless Cedric