Valencia Glitch

Feb 08, 2013
There's a few glitches I'd like to report about new addition to Valencia. There's some bugs and glitches that have gone through undetected and it's totally messing up the gameplay and making the game not fun anymore.

-When you have to fight Stiletto fish, the battleboard shows up, but in the background where you see the crew and the fish, it shows that a fight has commenced, even though you haven't even chosen your attacks yet. It's really annoying because it takes away a good amount of your team's health, and yet the fish don't get health taken away, even though it shows that they were getting hit too, so 1) it's not fair at all and 2) the fake battle shouldn't even happen. It totally screws up the whole battle, especially since a good majority of all the players and companions lost a good half of their health to begin with.

-My second glitch that I'd like to notify you about has to deal with the new companion of this update, Contessa Argento. I have to say that I love this companion and I think she's a great and solid addition to Swashbuckler family, but there are some design flaws that I think should be brought to your attention. For instance, if she attacks someone and they dodge/block it, they flinch as if they got hit, but take no damage, and even the text shows up that says, "DODGE!" or "BLOCK!" but it appears as if they got hit. Though this is minor, it's still confusing. I'm not sure if this would occur during PvP, as I haven't used her in any sort of PlayerVSPlayer yet, but it does happen when fighting CPU opponents, and I'd like to request for this to be fixed, to ease the, "Wait, what?" moment.

-I have another glitch to report dealing with our lovely, steampunk-ish unicorn, Ms. Argento. Her damage appears to be swapped sometimes. Whenever she does her Back Stab, occasionally it'll take away less than 100 health, and when she does a normal hit, it takes away the normal amount- around 300-400. This also affects gameplay, especially since the Back Stab should take away at least 759 damage, plus bleeding. This damage flop hasn't affected any other companions or players with Back Stab, so it must be something wrong with Contessa's coding.

These are all the glitches that I have found so far, and I would really appreciate if you could fix them. All of them affect the gameplay, either raising confusion or anger, and a family game like this shouldn't do any of that. Thank you for your time and please reply to me ASAP if you have fixed these issues or plan to so I can continue my quests and side quests in peace.