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unable to start fight and wierd creature name

Sep 05, 2011
I have a Swashbuckler level 50 in MooShu. and I am having 2 quest problems.

1) for the quest The Great Khan Game, I am supposed to be fighting Samoorai Spirit. but I am walking though them and the fight will not start. i have tried both groups in the Paths of Penance but both are not triggering. so I am unable to complete the quest.

2) in my Cycle of life quest. i am supposed to Gather Heartwood from "UnitNames_0000031". I am sure that it should be a real unit name not a programming variable name.

Sep 05, 2011
For the quest The Great Khan Game,I just noticed that names for the Samoorai that i need to fight are all green in color. meaning they are "friendly" this is true for all of these enemies in this area. hope that helps diagnose the issue.


1- You'll need to contact to help you complete this quest. Since the time that you first began this quest back in January, a couple modifications have been made and this has put you in a bad quest state in regards to your "faction" with Samoorai Spirits. Support will be able to help you progress.

2- Thanks for your report. We will be fixing the missing names in an upcoming update to the game.

Feel free to reference this post when you contact support.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Sep 24, 2013
So when is that update? The tree enemies still have that strange name.

Jan 05, 2013
The trees during the Gortez quest have this still as well. When Ol' Whatever-His-Name (the tree guy) gives his quest and it tells you what to defeat you get the UnitNameS_XXXX label.