Unable to enter first round shipboard combat.

Jan 17, 2012
I've reported this bug before, where a passenger on a ship is shut out of the first round of combat occasionally.

Through experimentation, my friend and I discovered that if the passenger is not actually on the combat area when combat is initiated, the passenger can enter the combat area and join the fight without problem. It is only when the passenger is already in the combat areas (usually collecting tokens) when combat is initiated that the problem occurs.

Hope that helps.

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Honestly, this bug has never made sense to me, and is quite frustrating.

Why they simply dont make it so all players onboard are automatically pulled into the battle is beyond me.

Why do I have to often run around on deck to engage, and join the battle? Wheres the logic in this?

KI, please make it so all players on board a ship, are automatically brought into whatever board battle the ship engages in. It makes sense, and it solves this problem.

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Jan 17, 2012
Additional testing finds that the bug only seems to occur if battle is entered while the timer for collecting a token is running.