Ulysses Glitch

Feb 08, 2013
On the quest, "Bring Me My Bow!" I can't complete it at all. I've literally done everything in the quest, and Medea teleported me to Ithaca, and I walked into the Humble Cave, and when I walked up to Ulysses to complete the quest, he acted as if I didn't complete the quest at all, still telling me to get his bow from Medusa, even though I'd done that already.
Glitches like these are common, apparently, and I've come to that conclusion, looking through the different posts on The Bilge Pump. I know you guys aren't perfect, but please fix glitches like these as soon as you can., because I'm really eager to get my Privateer to the newly addition to Valencia, and I can't if I can't complete one of the last quests of Aquila.