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Two glitches.

Oct 16, 2012
My brother and I came across the first one together today. While going through the dialogue in Friar Sand's dungeon, if there are 2 or more people, someone can go through the text super fast (while the others actually read it), and when they all get dragged into the battle, the text box remains for those who were reading the text normally. While it is a bit funny, playing Sand's "NOOOO!" voice on command whenever he or one of his minions get defeated (and also getting some pretty sick camera angles of the battle while paging through the text (including the camera being on you and Monkey King at some points of text while the battle is happening, making it seem like you are observing the fight!)), the text box prevents players from placing moves and powers the 2nd turn into the battle. It can be recreated at any time right now.

The final glitch is about a piece of ship equipment....the Phoenix Rudder (can be gotten only as a ship drop from The Pretender ship boss in Valencia). It can be attached to ANY ship of ANY origin, even though it looks to be a piece of Bison-exclusive equipment. So, curious, I attached it to my Marleybonian Galleon, and while it looks rather epic (giant rudder on the rear of the ship, and 3 big oars on either side), it is still out-of-place. Before that, I have only ever seen 1 other pirate using the glitch, and when I saw it, I just assumed that the game had accidentally put 2 ships in the same spot while docked.

There are my reports!