Two Annoying Animation Glitches

Jul 29, 2009
Glitch #1: Whenever Barnabus (after sloth warrior promotion) activates his power "Triton's Song" an epic animation follows. He swings his axe in the air showing off a bit. This animation is ruined due to the fact that his arms go through his shoulder pads. The shoulder pads stay still the whole time while the arms move. It looks ridiculous. There is also a point where his wrist gets twisted up, but it isn't as noticeable.

Glitch #2: When one wears the buccaneer Aquilan chest plate a weapon that would normally appear on your back disappears so the cape and weapon don't glitch through each other. This should be the case with the "General's Armatura" chest plate as well. My weapon and cape are constantly inside of one another and it is very irritating.

Thanks for reading. If possible it would be great if these animation glitches could be sorted out. If it can't be done I understand.