Thunderbird's Muteness

Be Mine Beginner
Jun 07, 2010
Just now, i have been disconected due to inactivity after summoning Thunderbird for the second time, before i even spoke to it. Now, even after i logged back in, I am unable to speak to Thunderbird, and as such, I am unable to finish this story quest.

Dreamy Dreamer
Feb 27, 2009
You were to close to Thunderbird when you summoned it. Try walking down the hall and up again and she'll be ready to talk to you.

Honey Buncher
Apr 26, 2009
Uh oh, a similar thing happened to me on a summon-able thing. I crashed and the person wasn't there! I had to contact support, you probably do too

Dead-Eye Luke, Awesome

Be Mine Beginner
Jun 07, 2010
Thanks for the advice, but I'm gonna have to contact support for help, since Thunderbird just sits there, and my person still is unable to get though to it.

Thanks, Witty Lucas Goode