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The worst glitch of all time

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
Why do I call it the worst glitch of all time? Well, its like disease. It has many symptoms, all of which are equally annoying. First, all of the game particles (those little unimportant things, like the stream of sparkles behind your ship when it enters a windlane, the water trailing behind you) begin bugging out. Literally every single texture in the game, from the eye of a unicorn to the little loading arrow and circle are put onto the particles. Then the game suddenly crashes and dies out on me. I've sent multiple crash reports, but this happened when I was in the middle of BeachHead! Now it's ridiculous.

I'm playing on a Mac, and I've just downloaded the game onto here. This has happened MANY times, and I hope KI figures out what's happening.