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The new update is full of bugs!

Aug 31, 2013
Ahoy, all!
I jumped in to try out the new powers a while ago, but, unfortunately found quite a few glitches in almost all the new features:
1.) The power Whirlwind of Emmett's slows only a single target, while it is shown to affect a 3x3 radius in the card.
2.) This one has been submitted quite a lot in the boards, which is the Mojo Flow's 2nd and 3rd tiers buffing will.
3.) This one I have not yet tested, but people say that Raven's cry grants Quick adjust instead of Intuition for magic units.
This is it (if my head isn't failing me)! And one more question for Ratbeard: have the 2 new powers been added on only one unit of each quest for testing, and will be added for the players later on? And will there be more improvements? Thanks all, I love this update despite the bugs!

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I have to agree on Emmett's new powers not displaying the amount of how many rounds they last after they've been cast. All it shows is how much enemy movement reduces to enemies by percentage, & nothing more.

Petty Officer
May 14, 2011
Exeter does do a 3x3 I have tried it

Dec 16, 2012
reckless benjamin ... on Sep 17, 2015 wrote:
Exeter does do a 3x3 I have tried it
His first generation only targets 1 despite displaying a 3x3 area, or at least it only shows the animation on 1 enemy.