The gangs all here - quest lost! please help

Oct 29, 2011
When i was questing in cool ranch i was about to start the gang's all here ( old chirp place ) quest when the game crashed. When i logged back on there was no quest in my questbook and nobody was there to give the quest! please help me! If this is'nt fixed i might have to delete my account! Please, please help!

Gunner's Mate
Dec 31, 2009
Alright, take a few breaths, don't delete your account. There are a few things you can do, right now:

I suggest e-mailing support and telling them what's going on. Make sure to include your username and which character you were playing on, perhaps even what time and what day the event occurred, if you remember. They'll most likely fix your problem, like they did for me when I played W101.

If you want to battle around now, try out a few sidequests or start a new character to keep yourself entertained. (I suggest house or bunkhouse decorating, or pet farming. Fin Dorsal is great for the Orchid Chameleon, and the White Stallion ship is a quick Armadillo Verde drop spot, and both drops lots of furniture.)

Be patient! I'm sure KI is very busy, but I'm also sure that they'll try to get to your quest right away.

Hope that helped!

D.S. Devereaux