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Team up exploit glitch? 2 second run?

Oct 26, 2012
Basically CrimsonReaper and I discovered that people appeared and reappeared near the ledger in a matter of seconds. We guessed a run could register if a pirate leaves immediately, and we guessed correctly. Now I know there are some easy dungeons to spam (Throne Room, Banquet Hall), I myself wanted a change and spammed the banquet hall for 20 mins (got about 50 runs registered) and got sick of the repetition and stopped, before helping people properly for another 3-4 hours (alas only 10-12 runs this time). But enough on me.

The glitch I am about to tell you is basically Cabin Glitch 2.0, except I think unlike that glitch this has more consequences as people may not be helped.

It is very simple. Join any team for ANY dungeon via ledger. Leave IMMEDIATELY once in the dungeon. Congrats, in a matter of 2 seconds, thats right, 2 seconds, you will have done a run. Repeat as necessary. Very simple. Many people could just join a dungeon and leave as soon as possible, and could actually miss helping someone.

So yeah we just wanted to point that out. The fact that 1 run can be completed in 2 seconds is silly. Just saying. This is way too cheap. And even a lot of message boarders do this :(

Blaze and I ran 1 or 2 tests only, not wanting to abuse this to death, and here is some more things we found:
  • This works for any dungeon, of any world.
  • The team can be of any length. In our first test we both wrongly ruined a 4 squad run (my apologies random pirates), in our second we did it privately in the sewers and one of us stayed to help whoever remained.
  • Yeah its just cheap ok.