swashbuckler poison and hidden

Jun 04, 2009
when I am hiding and hit with a backslash attack I should get a harder hit. Sometimes I do not! Also I will be casting whatever move I want and then when my turn comes that move never happens why is this? Another thing that is really getting on my last nerve is when I cast poison the enemy is blocked in red those that are in the red are supposed to be hit..............well when I am casting on the three or four even that are highlighted only one or two of the group are actually getting hit.......A total waste of a spell I can only use once especially when I can choose between the red or the white poison spells and I use the red first half do not get hit. The spells worked fine a few months ago!I haven't played in awhile but I am Not liking some of the changes that have been made or if these are bugs please fix them.Seems the enemys have more of an advantage.Especially those with guns! They can shoot multiple times I am a swashbuckler so cannot hit back in that case.Sometimes none of my companions have guns we get shot multiple times and we cannot vengence strike or riposet. The poison helps when it is working properly.I just want the spells and moves to work when I use them...I am a grandmom and it can get very frustrating for me to play.

Sep 09, 2010
I had a similar problem with hidden .it says it is supposed to give you increased damage but it gives me decreased damage .so I think this a bug .romantic rebbeca ivring level 65 .

Jun 04, 2009
Forgot to add about the hidden.......... Several times while hidden I have had the enemy I am fighting Dodge a move I am making.............Coral Web lvl 61 all.................all worlds even at lower lvls this happens quite often. If I am hidden how do they know to Dodge? This just does not make any sense.They are not supposed to see me am I correct? Oh BTW this is a Swashbuckler.I have also not only been dodged but have been shoved back so I cannot make my moves also.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Well I have heard from Ratbeard if the enemy has level three First Strike, they can see even hidden threats so I guess you can only be hidden from 'some' enemies.

Oct 27, 2009
Don't forget, if the enemy has hold the line, they may stop you before you get to the best spot to poison a group. You cast the poison, where they stop you. Might this be happening?
As for the planned move not happening at all, sometimes another player and you can select the same square to make a move at almost the same moment. If the other player's move gets to the server just a moment before yours, and the timer is almost run out, you may never know your move was blocked.