Still Having Hydra Issues

Aug 15, 2012
Well, I'm not sure if this would help figure out the problem, but this happened about 1:30pm central time in the realm Bonnie Anne. Anyways, I was trying to defeat the ebon head and I was successful the first time, however when it came back, I wasn't about to attack it: head on, area attack, or traps. It wouldn't take any damage whatsoever as if it wasn't there, but it was able to hit me and my companions.

I thought maybe if I flee and come back the bug would be gone. Hah! Big mistake... When I came back, I still wasn't able to hit the ebon head, and that was the first round this time. Now I have a companion on best rest for 5 hours and it would cost 60,480 gold to revive her. Oh my...

I've heard of the hydra bugs earlier as in months, but I have not experienced them on my other pirates. I thought maybe leaving and coming back would get me around the bug, but it hasn't worked this time.

Jul 23, 2013
I had the same problem, it could attack me but I couldn't attack it. But fleeing and coming back worked for me. Hopefully it'll get fixed for you.

Jack, 65 Witchdoctor