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Stiching gone wrong.

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2013
I stich my set from empire bundle with them holding the stats and the looks appear as a pair of boots that I liked I checked it and everything two days later now the stats are gone with the stats of the pair of boots and looks like the empire bundle boot set is this a bug?

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
It does sound like there is a stitching or albet an unstitching bug in the system. I have heard other pirates mention similar things. Hopefully the exterminators at KI will have it fixed or return our stitching crowns for us to re stitch the stuff.

Hi! Customer Support will be able to track this and return the item to you. Your best bet is to contact them at and let them know about the issue. Feel free to link to this thread when you contact them.

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