Some Doubloon Problems

Petty Officer
May 21, 2008
Hello, I just want to tell some issues that I noticed with Doubloons that I wanted to try and used in battle.

Just as a reminder, doubloons are casted in the very beginning of turn and their effect also begins in that turn and counts for that turn. Some doubloon effects lasts only one turn, this is where I noticed few issues also.

Movement Doubloon (+X feet for 2 turns) - So it seems actual effect only used for one turn, because at the first turn you usually set companion combat orders in with their normal walk distance values. But I think point was for it to work one turn.

Jackrabbit Ju-Ju Doubloon (+50% feet for 1 turns) - Seems to be useless Doubloon, because you cannot benefit from this effect for at least one turn. First turn is where you order yourself and companions with normal walk distance values, then you push DONE. Doubloon activates but its potential can only be used next turn, but then it expires. Solution: should be at least 2 turns set, or effect begin at next turn.

Sluggish Doubloon (-X dodge and dazes enemies) - Seems not dazing at all, enemies act as they normally will act.

That's all about them, to point out one more bug, sadly I cant remember which one but when I used either one of these I mentioned, my First Strike of my (I'm swashbuckler) and any of my companions that had this talent, was activating right after doubloon was used. But there was no one to attack for them with this ability. So Doubloons, at least these, should not activate epics like that. :) ;)