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Snack Rewards

Community Leader
Not sure if this is a bug or whatever. But I really don't like it when I get snacks from any method and I can't see the current snack stats when I hover over the name in the notifications. I would like to be told "YAY, you got a Rank 5 Pet Snack!" and shown the actual card. I don't want to have to remember what snack I won and having to dig through my backpack to see how good of a snack it is.

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While this isn't a bug, this would definitely be nice to have! Thanks!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jul 07, 2013
I like the word "treat." Snack sounds hard on the ears and sounds like the German word for snail. Snaaaacks doesn't sing. Wanna treeeat? I dunno I had too much sugar for breakfast.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey