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Smashy/Shooty Weapon Bug for Musketeers

Petty Officer
Sep 24, 2013
I just got my newest pirate (musketeer) to Lvl 60 and I have been saving the Firebird Set weapon (stats listed below) for him to use because I thought it would allow me to keep my range as a musketeer and let me use power cards like Assassin Strike and Vicious Charge that I got from no auction gear. Sadly, it does not let me use these powers even though I meet the weapon requirements (i.e. Smashy/Slashy/Stabby). If I had to guess, I'd say it's because this weapon has an attack range of 3, where as the other melee shooty weapon combos do not (i.e. Slashy/Shooty and Stabby/Shooty). Hopefully, you guys can fix this bug soon because I love keeping the attack range as my Quick Draw and Double Tap epics will trigger more often than if I had to be adjacent with my enemies, as this is the case with the other melee shooty combo weapons.

Firebird Set Stats
Bonus from Agility
150 to 250 Magical Damage
Attack Range = 3
+14 Armor