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Skipping In Battles

Dec 22, 2011
**Something besides the AFK feature that was added**
1.) Level of my character: 65

2.) Location of bug: Occurred in the Hydra battle as well as a PvP match, so I'm thinking it just happens randomly

3.) Quest Name: None that I know of

4.) Companion Name: It happened to only one of my companions: Tyson in his Chicken Prizefighter form in the PvP match

5.) Description: It seems that the game just skips the player's turn and just goes right on to the other team's turn without letting the first side do anything

6.) How often: Random, no apparent time it appears

7.) I was playing solo in a PvE (player vs. enemy) and with a team in the PvP

8.) No, It happened to one of my friends, but most of the time, it just effects me

9.) Can you reproduce the bug: No

May 29, 2009
I haven't done PvP yet but I do know that last night when me & two other people were doing the labyrinth on my Buccaneer that I would go to move my pirate to a space. It would then go to my first mate's turn whom I would click then so on. However when it got to where it SHOULD have been time for me to click done, my pirate was highlighted to be moved again. Then it rotated through my crewmembers. It kept doing this so my only option was to let my teammates know I couldn't select an enemy to fight this round and to pass.

This also happened last night on my Witchdoctor when she was fighting Dr. Noh. She and her crew were the only ones in battle.

In either of these situations, this wasn't a case of my crew not having anywhere to move to attack the enemy cause the spaces were blocked. It was as if my choices weren't "sticking" or being acknowledged.